The VIPP Report: Chef Darnell “Superchef” Ferguson advances to the second round of Food Network’s Thanksgiving Challenge


By Sherlene Shanklin, VIPP Communications

(Louisville, KY) Chef Darnell “Superchef” Ferguson advances to the second round of the Food Network’s Ultimate Thanksgiving Challenge.  There were five and now it’s been narrowed down to four top chefs from all over the U.S. hosted by Chef Giada De Laurentiis.

Darnell Superchef FergusonThis week’s challenge, (Episode 2) all about pies, sides and leftovers surprise.  What judges Alex Guarnaschelli, Christian Petroni and Carla Hall are looking for is who can take Thanksgiving classics to new heights.  After this show there will be three remaining chefs.  Will Darnell make the “cut”?

The show started with five top chefs facing off to create ultimate Thanksgiving dishes challenging them to think out of the box to create delicious dishes and desserts that the whole family can enjoy.  The winner of the Ultimate Thanksgiving Challenge carves their name in the turkey day history books, bragging rights for a year and $25,000.  The chefs will need more than a wishbone to advance.  They must impress three renowned chefs.  will be the judges for the show.

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Challenge airs on Sundays 9:00 pm (EST) and 8:00 pm (C).  So, how far will Darnell “Superchef” Ferguson go?  You will have to watch and see. For showtime changes and/or to follow Darnell as he competes in the Ultimate Thanksgiving Challenge. You can follow him on his social media platforms.20181104_210137

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Food Network link to the Ultimate Thanksgiving Challenge:

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