TheVIPPReport: Revive Counseling & Wellness Grand Opening

(Louisville, KY) Minority businesswoman Gail Bibb is launching her private practice Mental health facility. Revive Counseling and Wellness invites you to the Grand Opening & Open House on Saturday, August 13, 2022, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. We are located at 308 Evergreen Road, Suite 140.  Conveniently located just off Shelbyville Road.  

When you walk into the office, you will feel a sense of calmness in this safe place where you can receive mental health therapy, life coaching, nutrition & wellness coaching, and fitness coaching plus much more.  We serve individual adults, couples, teens, & families where specific therapy disciplines warrant. We invite you on a tour so you can witness the office atmosphere and speak to the owner Gail Bibb & her staff. 

Revive’s owner Gail Bibb says “We are working to erase the stigma of therapy & mental health services in general. We will use a holistic method and I invite you to come and see what we have to offer.  Mental health controls your total health so we go on a journey to heal the whole person. You can’t fix one piece and think everything is okay.  My goal is to give you the tools to be a better you.”

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TheVIPPReport: Surekha Kulkarni talks to me about why she moved her family from India to Louisville

Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month

Special Report–Sherlene Shanklin, WHAS11 Television ABC Louisville

Surekha Kulkarni and her husband moved their family from India in 1986 to Louisville to make sure her young son had every opportunity to be the best he could be. She tells me why she made the sacrifice. “We did not move here for money or fame or fortune we came here because of a school.” Her young son was in kindergarten and she had learned he was dyslexic needed additional educational instruction which the de Paul School in Louisville, Kentucky provided.

We felt it was not a choice really, so we moved a family of four. With no job, no way of knowing but the school was there. And it was actually a totally different experience for me. She says “After moving here, I have experienced so much! I’ve done so much.”

Kulkarni says a recession was going on and all the degrees and experience her husband had still did not help him get a job at first. She says “When he couldn’t get a job. We decided to buy a grocery store so that way we could get food.” They owned and operated the store for years at Oak and Swan Streets called the 828 with no previous experience. She goes on to say that the community embraced and supported them. “They just accepted me but They could not pronounce our names so they changed it I became Sue and Suhas  became Sam. So Sue and Sam of the store.”

When not working in the store Kulkarni volunteered at the school. Kulkarni says “So my son started school from day one and we appreciate and let so grateful, I started working in library as a volunteer just a way to give back. That might be what started, my beginnings of volunteering career.”

Within three years, the family was on track which gave her the confidence to say you can do whatever you want. She went to India for a stay and decided to take a jewelry class in her free time. “So, I took this class and I enjoyed it so much that I haven’t stopped” Kulkarni says.

Then The Beaded Treasures Project was created. She volunteered with the Kentucky Refuge Ministries. Where she says, “I found that I really enjoyed it and loved teaching and connecting. It was amazing to see the transformation. Because in the beginning, these women came from various countries, like Iraq, and the Congo. All faced terrible ravages. They were traumatized.”

Beaded Treasures not only generated wealth but generated self-esteem, a sense of purpose and self-sufficiency. Kulkarni says “I saw that not only were they making jewelry, and selling it at the events, five of them started working full time, three of them started working on their education. Some had finished high school and some had a couple of years of college. One of them now has gone back to Nepal. To start a school because growing there was no school in her village.”

In 2019, Beaded Treasures became a part of Volunteers of America. “This was way more that I expected. Quite amazing like. I had somehow became a part of their transformation. Transformation from diffident to confident, and dependent to independent.

I wanted to know what she wanted to remember her by. She says “That I tried! I want people to know that if you just step out of your comfort zone there’s no stopping you. I’m the perfect example of that. We are the ones that hold ourselves back. And we can make a difference. Each one of us can make a difference. Look at me!”

Kulkarni has a new project “Empowering Beads”. It will be a pop-up shop this summer on the weekends in Norton Commons.

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TheVIPPReport: Jamey Aebersold shares his love for jazz

Jamey Aebersold

Tucked away on a New Albany street named after his family. Jazz master Jamey Aebersold has been playing music for most of his life. I caught up with him in his studio which is covered with some 15 thousand vinyl albums, thousands of photos which he calls the Smithsonian Jazz Institute of the Midwest. He talks to me about how he was introduced to jazz.  He says “Jazz is the coming thing. When I was young, I got my driver’s license at 16. I got me a 35 dollar car.  I drove to Louisville, in westend where jazz was playing. Every club had jazz. Rock-n-roll had not been invented yet.  Country western wasn’t popular so jazz was basically everywhere. I would go to those places and listen to them.  I would wonder what was going on in their minds.

He never liked to stick to the traditional format. Aebersold says “My dad like Dixieland music. I bought some records. Yeah, I liked it but then when I heard Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, I kinda went that way.” As he hand gestured.   

He goes on to say “It was years later, I would realize that was the foundation that I needed those scales and cords and the fingering of it, so forth…because that would allow me to play what I heard in my head.  (as he hummed a tune) then add a cord to it. That’s how I got started.” 

Jamey told me that he was not a good student and the teacher actually returned his money because he just didn’t have the patience to play the standard scales and cords. In his mind, he was just copying what he saw in the music book.  He wanted to play what was in his head which we know today as improvisation.  When he got older he did receive his formal training and we talked about it.  He said, “I went to Indiana University and they didn’t have saxophone but they put me on the woodwind degree. So, I had to take lessons in oboe the flute, the basson, clarinet, and I don’t think I took saxophone lessons from anyone but the second year a guy was getting his graduate degree and they let him give me lessons. I played the first jazz recital at Indiana University which was a big deal back then 1960/61.” He talked about the audience giving his a standing ovation for that performance.   

Aebersold was very humble, knowledgeable, and full wisdom that we could of literally stayed with him all day and still would not of been able to cover everything he’s accomplished.  He  Performing in the all over the world and receiving so many accolades along the way.  From receiving the National Endowment for the Arts which is the highest honor given to jazz musicians in the U.S. to receiving the Indiana Governor’s Arts Award by Mitch Daniels. He had a table full of awards, even a letter from the White House from President Barack Obama.   

I wanted to know if he thought jazz was a lost art. He responded quickly by saying “No, no, no. I tell you why. When people play jazz they use their imagination. They are very creative and its coming from here to the fingers and that’s not going to stop.”

He says anyone can improvise. He says, “Too many don’t even try because they feel like they are not good enough”. 

I wanted to know what would be his legacy.  He says there’s to much to do now to worry about the future.  There’s still so much to do now.  He gave some good advice that he hopes more people would apply to their life and that was to be nice to people. 

To learn more about Jamey Aebersold and his Jazz Play-A-Longs, go to  you may even see him a classroom if you attend Bellarmine, I-U, or U of L.     

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TheVIPPReport: Vincent James Sr, Dare to Care’s new president

Vincent James Sr. works “faithfully” in the community. Once the Chief of Community Building for Metro Louisville, and pastor of Elim Baptist Church, to now… President and CEO of the fourth largest non-profit in Louisville.

James says “I went to Stephen Foster Elementary School, Gutermuth Elementary School because bussing had started at that time and graduated from elementary school went to Southern Middle/High at the time the middle school and high school were actually in the same facility.”

James graduated from Atherton High and got a finance degree from UofL with hopes of becoming a Wall Street investment banker, but he told his church, his purpose in life shifted.  
He said “We are going to be involved and engaged in the community and pretty much we were doing things in isolation as many churches do.”

Then violence renewed his purpose.  He will never forget. “It was a life changing moment.  May 17, 2012 there was a triple homicide outside my church. I was there.  I actually arrived when the first responders arrived.  I saw two young men who had shot at each other and had killed each other and that was devastating to me. And then a couple of hours later a couple of ladies with 60 police officers, detectives and news reporters shot another young lady shot her that was traumatic for the community, myself. I said whatever I need to do I’m going to do it.”

Then Mayor Fischer put James in the forefront.  James says “I know I made a change. When I look at not as much as I want too but when I look at the response of the community. How our community was hurting.  Things in terms of the administration was in. what was happening across the country one of the things I intentionally did as a pastor and chief of community building was how do we begin to build healing in our community.”

 James believes he laid the ground work for the office, and now he plans to nourish the community after being named President and CEO of Dare to Care. “I’m excited! I can’t tell you enough how excited I am about Dare to Care Food Bank.  It’s an incredible organization. Dare to Care’s mission is to led the community feed the hungry and ending the cycle of need.”

 James has found his mission in life.   “I’m walking in my purpose.  I get excited every morning when I wake up and I get to live out my dream in terms of helping people.”

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TheVIPPReport: Julia Youngblood, honoring women in our community

Julia Youngblood

Special Report by Sherlene Shanklin, WHAS11, ABC Affiliate

Many may not know the name Julia Youngblood but countless youth and artists know her as the woman who gave them a chance to expand their horizons. I sit down with her to talk about the importance of giving back. 

Youngblood is one of the quiet forces in our community making sure the arts is available for anyone whose interested.  She worked at the Kentucky Arts Reach program. Dedicating her life to make the community better. 

Youngblood says “For the 16 years I took care of it.  I really worked on opening up the space more and more for communities especially communities of color or folks that might of felt like they really could walk in that door.  I produced 100s of events open mics and many performances on many big stages, all the stages throughout the building.”

Introducing some 50 thousand people to the Kentucky Center for the Arts space that normally would not of had that opportunity. She says “One of my biggest joys was creating culturally related performance pieces that came from the community.  It wasn’t me creating those pieces. It was reaching out to the community and saying what do you want to express today. To me that’s extremely powerful.”  

Youngblood currently owns Youngblood Harmonizing Arts. She took me to a time in her life when she decided to focus on helping others. She took me back to when she was 20 years old.  “A really pivotal part of my life. I lost the ability to walk at the time they thought I had multiple sclerosis . Over time being helped by many other people I was able to get well.”  She goes on to say “Once I really got to where I was able to function and walk again I thought that I just want my life to be of service.” 

Her unique way of looking at life and understanding that expression is a part of the process when healing a community. She says “A lot of time people feel the need to feel seen and that’s a healing.” 

Youngblood admits she’s not outspoken but her now 90 year old mother gave her some advice when she was younger. “Walk into any space and sit down.  So that is what I hope for all of us in life that we call all walk in and feel like it okay to be where we are.”

She tells me that her mom and 25 year old daughter Johnny Storm inspire her.  She goes onto say she appreciates how her daughter views life. Youngblood, a self-taught artist has an art exhibit with almost 40 pieces ranging from paintings to print on textiles.

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The VIPP Report: The Kingdom Choir will perform in Kentucky


They were introduced to the world when they performed “Stand By Me” at the 2018 Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

Now, The Kingdom Choir announces their North American tour.  On Wednesday, October 16th they will travel to Louisville  and perform at Brown Theatre.

Founded in 1994. The choir draws their inspiration from various Christian traditions and is dedicated to creating a sound that reflects the community.

Tickets start at $25.00 for the two hour show.

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The VIPP Report: A White Castle employee in Louisville is diagnosed with Hep A


The number continues to grow when it comes to Hepatitis A cases in Louisville, Kentucky.  An employee of the White Castle restaurant located at 3701 Seventh St. Rd. in Louisville has been diagnosed with an acute case.  Customers who ate at the restaurant from April 6 to April 20, 2018 may have been exposed to the hepatitis A virus.

Here’s some of the symptoms: fatigue, decreased appetite, stomach pain, nausea, darkened urine, pale stools and jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes). People can become ill 15 to 50 days after being exposed to the virus. If you are experiencing symptoms you should seek medical attention.

The Kentucky Department for Public Health declared a statewide hepatitis A outbreak.  Since the outbreak began there have been 281 cases diagnosed in Louisville and more than 14,000 vaccinated.

White Castle will provide free hepatitis A vaccinations for their employees in the Louisville Metro area.

The cost of the hepatitis A vaccine has been reduced from $65 to $25.  Businesses with more than 20 employees can have a nurse come to their site to provide the immunizations.  Businesses with fewer than 20 employees may designate vaccine for their employees to be immunized at U of L’s walk-in clinic.

As of April 24th,  more than 50 local food service establishments have chosen to provide their employees the hepatitis A vaccine through this effort.

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The VIPP Report: LexC Love performs in front of industry professionals tonight at the Sol Venue

A rising star in the entertainment industry receives another great opportunity to perform. Tonight, Ohio native LexC Love will be opening for Mila J.  The show will be at Sol Venue in Carson, CA.  The show is scheduled to begin at 7:30 pm. (PDT)

LexC says “They never see you coming, but when you hit them it’s by storm. No one expected this; not even myself. But I’m ready and grateful.”  She also goes on to say in our conversation that’s she’s excited to show the world, what’s been happening behind closed doors.

With the big opportunity before the artist she goes on to say “Knowing that top hitters in the game are taking the time out to find out Who is LexC Love is , it’s humbling. Opportunities don’t come often. So this my time July 29 I’m shutting it down!”

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The VIPP Report: Gospel superstar Kirk Franklin returns to Louisville

The last time contemporary gospel artist Kirk Franklin was in Louisville he was rocking a ladies Kentucky Derby hat while performing to a sold out crowd at Junior Bridgeman’s Grace at The Race, an annual gospel celebration during Kentucky Derby weekend.  I had the pleasure to produce that unforgettable show.  Now, the nine-time Grammy Award winning star returns to Louisville on Thursday, March 31st.
The host of BET’s Sunday Best will minister in his unique way to his large fan base at the Louisville Palace.  You will get to hear some of his biggest hits plus new songs from his latest album, Losing My Religion.  Franklin refers to this concert as 20 years in one night.  If that says one thing, it would have to be that they are going to have a very hard time getting him off stage like I did.  He has so many songs in his catalog that he tried his best to sing as many of the favorites that at the one hour mark he was still going strong.  At one point, in the show he yelled can I keep going? I turned to Bridgeman and he said “Yes, let him go”.  I gave the thumbs up and I promise I think he went into second gear.
If you are looking for a concert where your coat will occupy your seat because you will likely not sit for this concert go see Kirk Franklin at the Louisville Palace.
I’ve already asked the question on who will open for the artist and that’s still to be determined.
Tickets start at $25 and you can purchase them at the Louisville Palace Box Office, and all Ticketmaster locations.
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The VIPP Report: R & B star Jill Scott will perform at the Louisville Palace


Three- time GRAMMY Award winning singer/songwriter and actress Jill Scott be in concert in Louisville just before the holidays.  The “Get on Up” star and gifted poet is scheduled for Friday, December 11th at the Louisville Palace at 8:00 pm.  Scott released her latest album “Woman” earlier this year is getting rave reviews and now fans in the Louisville area.  Tickets range from $49.50 to $99.50 for the 8:00 pm show.  After her Louisville show according to her schedule she will head to Cleveland, Ohio.

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The VIPP Report: Sundance Institute’s Moira Griffin Joins 2015 IBFF As Juror And Panelist


The International Black Film Festival (IBFF) is proud to announce that Moira Griffin, Senior Diversity Manager for the prestigious Sundance Institute, will be joining the 2015 festival as a juror and panelist. Griffin will bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to domestic and international audience during IBFF, which will take place October 1 – 4, 2015 at the Meharry Medical College’s Cal Turner Family Center for Student Education.

Griffin, a veteran in the film and TV industry, currently focuses on creating an inclusive space for diverse artists to thrive by helping them gain access to the international marketplace, finance and emerging technologies through the support of Sundance Institute. Prior to her position at the Institute, she worked as an independent producer and Festival Strategist based in Los Angeles, with numerous projects under her belt including music videos, short films, features, documentaries and web series for a variety of companies, including PBS, YouTube, and NBC Universal.
Griffin will serve as a member of the IBFF Jury, which makes final selections for awards in the film competition. Griffin will also participate in the Fast Pitch Session which allows filmmakers to present their projects to top industry executives who are scouting content, and will host an informational session with select filmmakers to discuss Sundance Institute’s numerous artist support programs and initiatives.
Griffin said, “The International Black Film Festival strives to discover and showcase culturally relevant stories from filmmakers with true creative vision. I am thrilled to be part of an event highlighting the need for diverse voices in storytelling, a matter of invaluable importance that I hold dear to my heart.”
Throughout the 3½ day event, the festival will serve the full spectrum of the industry by providing a venue to showcase the work of filmmakers from around the globe. Patrons will have the opportunity to view “unreleased,” independent and studio films, participate in awesome industry level workshops, master classes, industry parties, and high profile red carpet events with celebrity appearances.
“We are honored to have this unique opportunity to have Ms. Griffin take part in our festival this year,” said Founder and Chair Hazel Joyner-Smith. “We know that our filmmakers and festival audience will take advantage of this amazing opportunity.”
While plans for the festival are being updated daily, this year will highlight an exciting fusion of film, TV and music with the presence of some of the foremost industry professionals today. Over the next few weeks expect updates, highlights and exciting announcements. If you would like to setup an interview, obtain media credentials, synopsis, please email us at or call Sherlene Shanklin at (502) 295-0435. For general festival questions please email
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The VIPP Report: KEM and Tamar Braxton will perform at the Louisville Palace


The Louisville Palace announced on Thursday of this week that three-time GRAMMY®-nominated Motown Artist, KEM, will be in Louisville. It’s the “PROMISE TO LOVE TOUR” with special guest, Tamar Braxton.

The concert will be on Saturday, November 21 at 8:00pm. Tickets go on sale on Friday, September 18, 2015 at 10:00am. Ticket information is available at the Palace Theater box office, or

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The VIPP Report: Comedy all-stars team up for a tour


It’s “The Comedy Get Down” featuring Cedric ‘The Entertainer’, Eddie Griffin, D.L. Hughley, George Lopez and Charlie Murphy at the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, KY.  The show is scheduled for Friday, November 27 at 8:00pm.

Tickets on sale Friday, September 25 at 10:00am. . For more information, visit

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The VIPP Report: NBA legend Moses Malone passes away at the age of 60


Special from Sherlene Shanklin, WHAS11 Television, ABC affiliate

Three-time NBA MVP Moses Malone dies this morning in a Virginia hotel room.  A detective with the police department says that there was no indication of foul play.  Malone’s body was discovered when he failed to report to a celebrity golf tournament.  NBA commissioner Adam Silver said in a statement “We are stunned and deeply saddened by the passing of Hall of Famer Moses Malone, an NBA legend gone far too soon.”  Malone was one of the most dominant centers ever to play in the NBA and ABA.  With that title it’s obvious that he was named one of NBA’s 50 greatest players.

Malone played for eight teams over the 20 season in the NBA and led the league in rebounding six times.

The 6 ft 10 in. center was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2001 and attended the induction ceremonies for this year’s class in Springfield, Massachusetts this weekend before returning to his hometown of Virginia.  Moses Malone was 60 years old.

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The VIPP Report: Blues artist Rhiannon Giddens will be in Louisville this week at the Mercury Ballroom


The founding band member of the Caroline Chocolate Drops spreads her wings and flies solo to launch a tour.  Grammy winning artist of blues and folk Rhiannon Giddens will perform in the Mercury Ballroom on September 17th.  Giddens will also feature members of the Louisville Orchestra during her show.

Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at or The Louisville Palace Box Office.

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The VIPP Report: Music icon Janet Jackson adds a third leg to her tour


Special from The411 with Sherlene Shanklin, WHAS11 Television

I said it would happen and now “Ms. Jackson” will make a stop in Louisville for her Unbreakable Tour. We have to wait a little while but she will have all of the kinks of the tour out when she comes to the KFC Yum Center. Many of her fans will not mind because her show will be well worth the wait. Janet Jackson will be in Louisville on Wednesday, June 8, 2016.

The GRAMMY® Award-winner and multi-platinum selling artist announced a third North American leg to her UNBREAKABLE WORLD TOUR and of course Louisville was on that list. I understand Janet was listening to her fans and their overwhelming response to both her new music and her tour caused her to add a second city in Kentucky.

Tickets for the Louisville show go on sale to the public beginning at 10am on Saturday, September 19 at,, the KFC Yum! Center box office and all Ticketmaster outlets.

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The VIPP Report: Meet the woman who touched the lives of so many people because of her dedication and determination



This photo was taken by Jonathan Roberts

This photo was taken by Jonathan Roberts



It was a beautiful Saturday morning in Louisville, Kentucky when Asia Renee Ford gained national attention because she was trying to teach her children that whatever you may be going through in life, “Don’t Give Up”.  The 35 year old mother of three started her lifestyle change journey two years ago weighing 474.  Fast forward, two years later and 200 pounds lighter Asia decides to participate in the Rodes City Run, 10K race held in Louisville.  This is not her first race, she did it in 2014 and all she wanted to do was beat her time.  Recovering her pneumonia and taking antibiotics, Asia could of have easily made an excuse not participate.

Asia set out on Saturday, March 21st to finish that race and that’s exactly what she did.  During mile four with two miles to go, she felt her body shutting down on her but she was determined.  A Louisville Metro Police officer saw Asia and her son and went to her aid not knowing that she was saying a prayer for strength and the will to keep going when the officer appeared and tried to assist her.  Officer Gregory initially thought Asia would stop but within seconds, then he realized that she would not quit. He helped her at mile five when she slowed down again. So, he assisted her to get to the finish line with emergency personnel following close behind.  The EMT, and a photographer snapped a couple of photos and the photos went viral.  Media outlets from all over the world have contacted Asia from ABC News, People, Time, CBS to the Washington Post.

You know the story of Asia Ford’s race on that day, but now you can hear from her on how she got to that day.  From her weight loss journey, her strong support system, her faith in herself and God.  She’ll be the first to tell you that every day is a journey but with lifestyle changes you can see results.  You can see her updates on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can follow her journey, tips, and advice she will give to help you start the journey.  There’s also a Go Fund Me Page for you to review  Please consider supporting.

Asia says “I started my lifestyle change 2 years ago after my husband at the time lost his hand in an amputation due to diabetes. My kids were old enough to understand everything the doctor said and I knew right then and there, we were letting our kids down. It was time to change! I joined a boot camp called Aspirations with the help of a friend and changed the way I ate. At 474 lbs. it was a struggle but now 217 lbs. down I know I’ll be around for my kids and see them graduate, go to college, get married. I’m grateful to God that I woke up and took my life back”

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The VIPP Report: General Colin Powell comes to Kentucky

Gen. Colin Powell comes to Lexington, KY in May

Gen. Colin Powell comes to Lexington, KY in May

Four-star General Colin Powell has served more than 35 years of service to the U.S. Army. He also served as President Ronald Reagan’s national security advisor. Now, Powell will be in Lexington, Kentucky in May.
General Powell will share his insights on leadership at the opening session of Alltech’s REBELation Week.

Powell is the first African American to be the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for both President George H.W. Bush and President Bill Clinton. Powell is scheduled to speak on Monday, May 18th.
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The VIPP Report: S.O.S. Band in Concert Valentine’s Day Weekend

case_int_bValentine’s Day is just around the corner and there’s a concert that combines love, funk, and soul.  On Friday, February 13th you can see the S.O.S. Band, Case, Carl Thomas and Con Funk Shun in concert at the Louisville Palace.  Tickets start at $48.99.  Showtime is at 8 p.m.

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The VIPP Report: Stevie Wonder will perform in the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville

The VIPP Report:  Critics are declaring that this show is possibly 2014’s greatest testament to the limitless potential of American music itself.  Legendary singer, songwriter, musician, and producer Stevie Wonder announces his “Songs in the key of life performance” tour.

The 25-time Grammy Award winner will be at the KFC Yum! Center on Friday, March 27th.

To date, Wonder has 49 Top 40 singles, 32 number #1 singles and he has sold more than 100 million units worldwide.  For additional information on tickets go to

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Stevie Wonder will perform in the Yum! Center

Stevie Wonder will perform in the Yum! Center

The VIPP Report: George Clinton makes a stop in Louisville for a concert in May

The VIPP Report:  It’s all about the “Atomic Dog” on Thursday, May 7th at the Mercury Ballroom in Louisville, KY.  Rock and Roll Hall of Famers and the innovators of what we know as the Pfunk will be in concert.
George Clinton and Parliament –Funkadelic will blend elements of Jazz, Rock, Pop, Classical and Gospel to give that unique sound loved and admired by their fans.
Even though they made their mark in the 1970’s and 80’s, they still have fans who know their music as soon as the musical interlude begins.
Tickets are $32.50 in advance.  Doors open at 7 p.m. and one hour later the show will begin.  For additional information go to
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The VIPP Report: Louisville native Muhammad Ali celebrates his 73rd birthday today

ali_wallpaper_2_1024The VIPP Report:  Louisville native and boxing legend Muhammad Ali celebrates his 73rd birthday today with family and close friends.  The Greatest of all time, (GOAT) has been in and out of the hospital the last month, recovering from an inflection.  As the Louisville Lip continues to recover his hometown will celebrate tonight with a dinner, the world premiere of And in This Ring….Cassius Clay production and two new temporary exhibits will be on display at the Muhammad Ali Center.

Today, Ali is trending on social media with fans, celebrities and athletes from all over the world sending him birthday wishes.  The Ali family appreciates all of the prayers and well wishes but they are requesting privacy as they focus on Ali’s recovery.

To celebrate Ali’s birthday, I wanted to share one of the quotes that I love, “If you even dream of beating me you’d better wake up and apologize”.  #GOAT #LouisvilleLip #TheChampishere #Ali #boxinglegend #itsmorethanastory #itshistory

The VIPP Report was created by Sherlene Shanklin who’s also a Louisville, KY native.  She has been following the “Greatest” pretty much her whole adult life, even prior to starting her 20 plus years in the broadcast industry.  She’s covered numerous events, honors and special appearances Muhammad Ali has made over the years.

Shanklin is an Assignment Editor and the creator of The411 with Sherlene Shanklin at WHAS 11 Television, ABC affiliate which finds unique stories and finds a way to put a local spin on them.  You can follow her on Twitter @Sherlenemediapr.

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TheVIPPReport: Hair care Trailblazer Dr. Joe L. Dudley Sr. will visit Louisville team to support new beauty industry series


TheVIPPReport: Dudley Products Louisville & Dudley Q Kentucky, a leader in urban hair care and cosmetics is launching their 3rd Sunday Protect & Respect the Beauty Industry Series. Each month Tami Charles, owner of Dudley Products Louisville will dedicate a Sunday to focus on the trends of hair care from natural to salt & pepper/silver hair.  She will showcase hair weave and even fantasy hair along with a barber and hair battles.
January’s event will be “Hair color”.  Stylist and students from area salons will get an opportunity to talk about the current trends and see how they can incorporate color and care into their clients’ styles.
There will also be a hair show and competition by Kentucky barbers and stylist. Local Barbers and stylist art by Miller Tyme barbershop, Savina’s top notch salon and the Spotlight Artist is Mrs. Nica Jones-Burton of Nu look Salon.

The 3rd Sunday Series will be January 19th from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage, 1701 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd.
Charles’ Dudley Q Kentucky team will focus on strengthen and informing the public and beauty community by providing opportunities to educate and sharpen their hair care skills through workshops and seminars. . Charles is the only authorized Dudley professional and retail store located at 332 W. Broadway.

This month guests will get an opportunity to meet the Co-founder Dr. Joe L. Dudley Sr. He has a success story that needs to be heard.  As a child, they labeled him mentally retarded.  He overcame the struggles and worked hard be a true trailblazer in the hair care industry. He’s received numerous awards from the Horatio Alger (rags to riches) award to presently receiving the Got Entrepreneur Award in 2013 from both the state of North Carolina and South Carolina. These honors will go into the history books because Dudley is the first African American to receive the awards.

Dudley says he enjoys coming to Louisville and loves to see how the professionals embrace the products and instructors, “There is a special spirit among the people at Dudley products that makes us stand out from most organizations. We are serious about self-improvement and empowering others. We are committed to having a life of abundance. We are excited beyond words about life and all of the opportunity that it offers. We have been conditioned to give up such words as I can’t and I won’t and replace them with an attitude of I AM! I CAN! & I WILL”.

If you are interested in participating, you can do the following: be a spotlight artist, be involved in the competition, showcase, be a vendor, advertise in the program and/or donate prizes.
General admission is $12 per person.  Licensed professionals/students who would like to participate in the hair color class on January 20th at the same location are $10.

To learn more go to or call 502-286-9281. You can also log onto to learn more about the product line.

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TheVIPPReport: Tyler Perry will introduce a new drama this Fall starring actress Nia Long


TheVIPPReport:  For the past few weeks we have seen the emergence of African American stars in leading roles on television programs. “Single Ladies” on VH1, “Being Mary Jane” on BET and now the OWN Network announces that Tyler Perry will launch a new show “Single Moms Club”.
The drama is about a group of mothers who came together as a group after an incident at their children’s school.  The mothers all come from different walks of life but serve as a support group for one another.  They try to find humor in the obstacles of life, as well as inner strength to be able to overcome personal challenges.  The show will star Nia Long, Terry Crews and Tyler Perry, who will write, produce and direct the show.  “Single Moms Club” will premiere this Fall.
This is the fourth series created by Perry.  He has “The Haves and the Have Nots”, “Love Thy Neighbor” and “For Better or Worse” all currently airing on cable television.
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Two-time NFL champion Deion Branch helps two families in Kentucky after a major fire

DSCN0344Super Bowl 39 MVP & former University of Louisville wide receiver Deion Branch heard about two families in Elizabethtown, Kentucky losing everything in a house fire.  After seeing the media reports, Branch and his family went to Elizabethtown on Saturday, December 14th to meet the two families. He wanted to help them get some necessities to get them through the holidays.

With the assistance of the Elizabethtown Red Cross, Branch met the families consisting of eleven (11) members and took them on a shopping spree at the area Target Store.  The families got an opportunity to pick up clothing, home essentials and toys for the children.  

Branch says “To see their faces when we told them to get what they needed were priceless.  To have my wife and children with me was a special moment.  We try to instill in our children to give back.  I was so proud to see my son and daughters helping the children pick out their gifts.  We’re happy that we can be a blessing to them but they were also a blessing to us.  They made us realize as long as we have each other that’s all that really matters.  Material things can be replaced.”   

 The Deion Branch Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to offer support to children’s mental, physical, emotional well-being and for those inflected with meningitis.  The DBCF’s mission is to help with research and to find a cure to ease the struggles for children like Deiondre, Deion’s son. The foundation goal is to assist by providing programs and initiatives aimed at improving their quality of life. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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TheVIPPReport: Thicker Than Water co-star Jewel Tankard comes to Louisville for a holiday mixer


Save the Date: Tuesday, December 10th
Bravo Docu-Series co-star Jewel Tankard of Thicker Than Water will be in Louisville for a holiday mixer at Holiday Inn East at 6:30 p.m. For free tickets go to

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