The VIPP Report: Meet the woman who touched the lives of so many people because of her dedication and determination



This photo was taken by Jonathan Roberts

This photo was taken by Jonathan Roberts



It was a beautiful Saturday morning in Louisville, Kentucky when Asia Renee Ford gained national attention because she was trying to teach her children that whatever you may be going through in life, “Don’t Give Up”.  The 35 year old mother of three started her lifestyle change journey two years ago weighing 474.  Fast forward, two years later and 200 pounds lighter Asia decides to participate in the Rodes City Run, 10K race held in Louisville.  This is not her first race, she did it in 2014 and all she wanted to do was beat her time.  Recovering her pneumonia and taking antibiotics, Asia could of have easily made an excuse not participate.

Asia set out on Saturday, March 21st to finish that race and that’s exactly what she did.  During mile four with two miles to go, she felt her body shutting down on her but she was determined.  A Louisville Metro Police officer saw Asia and her son and went to her aid not knowing that she was saying a prayer for strength and the will to keep going when the officer appeared and tried to assist her.  Officer Gregory initially thought Asia would stop but within seconds, then he realized that she would not quit. He helped her at mile five when she slowed down again. So, he assisted her to get to the finish line with emergency personnel following close behind.  The EMT, and a photographer snapped a couple of photos and the photos went viral.  Media outlets from all over the world have contacted Asia from ABC News, People, Time, CBS to the Washington Post.

You know the story of Asia Ford’s race on that day, but now you can hear from her on how she got to that day.  From her weight loss journey, her strong support system, her faith in herself and God.  She’ll be the first to tell you that every day is a journey but with lifestyle changes you can see results.  You can see her updates on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can follow her journey, tips, and advice she will give to help you start the journey.  There’s also a Go Fund Me Page for you to review  Please consider supporting.

Asia says “I started my lifestyle change 2 years ago after my husband at the time lost his hand in an amputation due to diabetes. My kids were old enough to understand everything the doctor said and I knew right then and there, we were letting our kids down. It was time to change! I joined a boot camp called Aspirations with the help of a friend and changed the way I ate. At 474 lbs. it was a struggle but now 217 lbs. down I know I’ll be around for my kids and see them graduate, go to college, get married. I’m grateful to God that I woke up and took my life back”

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Follow Asia Ford on Twitter @louaford4      Facebook: Asia Mystory Ford        Instagram: GODSTRANSFORMATION05

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