The VIPP Report: NBA legend Moses Malone passes away at the age of 60


Special from Sherlene Shanklin, WHAS11 Television, ABC affiliate

Three-time NBA MVP Moses Malone dies this morning in a Virginia hotel room.  A detective with the police department says that there was no indication of foul play.  Malone’s body was discovered when he failed to report to a celebrity golf tournament.  NBA commissioner Adam Silver said in a statement “We are stunned and deeply saddened by the passing of Hall of Famer Moses Malone, an NBA legend gone far too soon.”  Malone was one of the most dominant centers ever to play in the NBA and ABA.  With that title it’s obvious that he was named one of NBA’s 50 greatest players.

Malone played for eight teams over the 20 season in the NBA and led the league in rebounding six times.

The 6 ft 10 in. center was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2001 and attended the induction ceremonies for this year’s class in Springfield, Massachusetts this weekend before returning to his hometown of Virginia.  Moses Malone was 60 years old.

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