TheVIPPReport: Tyler Perry will introduce a new drama this Fall starring actress Nia Long


TheVIPPReport:  For the past few weeks we have seen the emergence of African American stars in leading roles on television programs. “Single Ladies” on VH1, “Being Mary Jane” on BET and now the OWN Network announces that Tyler Perry will launch a new show “Single Moms Club”.
The drama is about a group of mothers who came together as a group after an incident at their children’s school.  The mothers all come from different walks of life but serve as a support group for one another.  They try to find humor in the obstacles of life, as well as inner strength to be able to overcome personal challenges.  The show will star Nia Long, Terry Crews and Tyler Perry, who will write, produce and direct the show.  “Single Moms Club” will premiere this Fall.
This is the fourth series created by Perry.  He has “The Haves and the Have Nots”, “Love Thy Neighbor” and “For Better or Worse” all currently airing on cable television.
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