The VIPP Report: Makeup artist prepares for Derby and already receiving calls to cater to celebrities during their stay in Louisville



(Louisville, KY) When it comes to the Kentucky Derby it’s all about the horses, cuisine and style.  When we it comes to fashion it doesn’t stop with the hat, handbags, outfit, jewelry and shoes. It’s all about having makeup that compliments you.  Cosmetic stylist Andrea of Beats By Drea is working around the clock to prepare for racing fans is gearing up for the list of celebrities already inquiring her services to be their freelance artist when they arrive in the city.

Beats By Drea offers makeup classes, pamper parties, wedding parties, style shows, private celebrity appointments to FX makeup. Andrea’s passion is film FX makeup. After advice she received from a family member that she can have the best of both worlds in the makeup industry.  So, she calls it “Gore and Glam”.  Since that day in 2012, she’s been working on both crafts in her La Vie Est studio located at 2210 Goldsmith Lane.

If you would like to have a professional makeup artist take care of you and/or any of your clientele, please contact her by setting up a time to discuss availability at  Follow her on her social media platforms: Instagram @beatsbydrea425 and Facebook @Beatsbydrea.

If you would like to setup an interview and/or have her bring models to your studio and show what’s trending in the makeup industry contact VIPP Communications at



*Note-The photo above is Andrea and R&B artist Dreezy taken March 31st in Louisville backstage at Kentucky Center. Andrea was called to prepare Dreezy for the concert that evening.  


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