The VIPP Report: Superchefs add a new service and it caters to their busy customers


(Louisville, KY) Have you ever got so busy that you didn’t have time to stop for lunch? You are not alone. Also, many have good intentions of eating leftovers but once you get them to work you just can’t bring yourself to eat them.  So, after many requests and inquiries, Darnell “SuperChef” Ferguson has decided to add a lunch delivery service.  All you have to do is call in your order and/or go to their website to place your order.  While you continue to work, Superchefs will prepare your order from their specialized menu created by Superchef and bring it to your office.

The food will be made fresh daily with a protein, starch and vegetable. There’s also a dietary menu with no sodium, sugar, carbs or gluten free.  As well as offering vegetarian meals.   You don’t have to stand in line nor sit in a drive thru to eat fast food.  The lunch delivery service is affordable and there’s no delivery fee.

Just think about it.  For five-days you can eat a healthy meal for only $60.  For that price, there’s a minimum of three days.  If a group of 15 choses this healthy alternative their cost is only $50 with a minimum of three days. Darnell “SuperChef” Ferguson also says “You will never eat the same thing more than twice a month.  This is an enhanced version of food prep service. We make it daily. Let me help you stick to your resolutions when it comes to eating healthier and dietary/weight loss goals. It’s like having your own private chef.”

Super Chefs located at 1702 Bardstown Road.  To reserve your lunch delivery service, you can call 502-409-8103 or by going to

To setup an interview with Darnell “Super Chef” Ferguson please contact VIPP Communications by email at

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