The VIPP Report: Muhammad Ali leaving no stone unturned


Courtesy: Muhammad Ali Center

As the sun goes down and I begin to prepare for the processional, funeral and memorial service of Muhammad Ali there’s a lot of emotions going through my mind.  Visualizing the brief stop on Interstate 64 right by the Muhammad Ali Center, going down Broadway where he would run to train to seeing the red rose pedals as his hearse arrives at Cave Hill Cemetery.
I made many calls inquiring stories about the Louisville native but I also took a lot of calls and emails from those who wanted to share their stories about the “GREATEST”.  Many of you have guided me and led me from one interview after another.
Growing up in West Louisville right in the community where a legendary boxer worked and trained is significant in so many ways.  The predominantly African-American community is rich in history and tradition.  I grew up on Cecil Avenue.  Its been in the headlines more than I can count these days but that street when I was growing up generated a teacher that children loved, a prominent minister, a current president of a great non-profit organization and a senator.
Ali’s street was the same.  He had teachers, entrepreneurs, physicians, and hardworking people wanting better for their families and especially their children.  Many families had no problem working 12 hours a day to see their child get into college.  Did you know that Ali had honorary degrees from Kentucky State University and the University of Louisville.
Many of the things Ali did he did out of love and not publicity.  There’s people in communities across this world that have the same sense of responsibility.
Friday, June 10, 2016 will be a day for mourners but also a day of celebration because his legacy will live on in the thumbprint he leaves behind.  The reason why I said thumbprint instead of footprints.  The champ left his thumbprint so that future awards in his honor will have his seal of approval leaving no stone unturned.
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Muhammad Ali and Sherlene Shanklin at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, KY.


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