We are 95 days away from the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby

We are 95 days away from the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby

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The VIPP Report: Mocha Minute, the new water cooler for professionals


LaSonya Berry, President/CEO of McPherson, Berry & Associates, Inc. (McPherson|Berry) was launched on January 10th, an interactive chat amongst professionals who only have a few minutes to spare in a workday.  It’s called “Mocha Minute™”.   The new online water cooler is designed for executives, leaders, managers, business students and professionals.  Mocha Minute™ will initiate the dialogue to promote social learning and provide thought provoking discussion.  The idea is to be able to do it within an allotted time you take a 15 minute break in your workplace.  The new type of online water chat will only take a few minutes of your time but provide you invaluable information from leaders you rarely have access to in the workplace.

LaSonya Berry, CEO of McPherson|Berry says “I was very happy with the execution of the first “Mocha Minute”.  Within the 15-minute break we were able to open the dialogue and answer questions from professionals interested in training, hiring and leadership coaching.  This is a great start for the monthly chat.  I encourage you to participate in the February online discussion.”

The next Mocha Minute will be Friday, February 14th at 11:00 a.m. (EST).  Grab your mocha, latte, coffee, tea or water and take a minute out of your busy schedule to chat online about important business matters with Mocha Minute™.  The online break will give you an outlet to discuss all things business from the latest trends, workforce challenges, industry news, HR, career/management concerns and power tips. We invite you to engage in the conversation.

Mocha Minute™ will take place every 2nd Friday of each month at 11:00 a.m. We invite you to engage in the discussion.  Follow us on Twitter @McPhersonBerry to get real-time responses.

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