The VIPP Report: Rap & Hip-Hop Artist Kid Que 9 Visits Louisville Area Elementary & Middle Schools To Motivate Students


(Louisville, KY) He maybe only 13 years old but this teen is influencing others to do the right thing. B.M.B. Record’s rap and hip-hop artist Kid Que 9 is hitting the road to send a positive message to his peers that its okay to be a kid and to have fun.   As he travels the U.S. he hopes that fans and their parents hear his positive, clean and youthful lyrics.

On Thursday, October 17th and Friday, October 18th, Kid Que 9 will be in the Louisville area visiting elementary and middle schools in hopes of empowering and motivating youth one class at a time. If you are an educator and would like to be included in the tour when we come to your city, contact our office.

Que 9’s manager, Dorian Washington says “What a successful summer we’ve had because this young artist knows how to relate to his fans and peers.   His music is clean and positive and that sets him apart from other artists. We’re trying to create a paradigm shift where youth can be carefree, light-hearted and just be kids, dance and have fun to Que 9’s music.”

On November 11th, Kid Que 9 released his new full length EP, “Epidemic”. This summer the talented teen made a huge “SPLASH” with a single entitled the same name.   Thousands of kids took the #QueSplashChallenge and attributed to the successful promotion.

Que 9 finished his album in record time. Within three days he completed the project. He says “This was the hardest I’ve ever worked in a studio. The fast pace drove and pushed me to become a better artist and to have more respect for my craft and the entertainment industry.”

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