The VIPP Report: Rich Homie Quan apology to hip hop legend Lil Kim


If you watched VH1’s Hip Hop Honors you noticed something awkward when it came to hip hop legend and honoree Lil Kim.  I could not figure out what happened sitting at home but now Rich Homie Quan explains and sends his apologizes.  It appears that his nerves got to him.  Here’s his statement:

“I assure you that I never intended to disrespect the Memory of Biggie Smalls. I have long respected his work and his contribution to the rap game. I greatly apologize not only to Biggie Smalls, but also to all of my fans, Biggie Smalls fans and to New York. The city of New York has been nothing but good to me. I felt honored to stand on stage with artists I grew up listening to. Once on stage I had some technical difficulties and must admit I got nervous. I will forever be sorry New York, my fans, Biggie Smalls, Biggie Smalls Fans,  Lil Kim, and all the Hip Hop community for my performance. I hope you can accept my apology. To Lil Kim, Thank you for the opportunity.”

Last night, Queen Latifah, Lil Kim, Salt n Pepa and Missy Elliott were honored for their accomplishments in the entertainment industry.

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