The VIPP Report: Birds of a feather flock together to rally behind one of it’s own




Birdgang Brand Clothing is creating a limited edition t-shirt to show their support for former University of Louisville basketball star Kyle Kuric.  On November 3rd, Kuric’s current team in Spain, Herbalife GranCanaria, released a statement saying the 26-year-old went to the hospital with a migraine and doctors discovered he had a brain tumor. Several days later, Kyle went into surgery and currently he remains in ICU.  On Saturday, he had some complications but his family and fans remain hopeful.  He underwent a second surgery to relieve pressure and fluid, and as of earlier today his condition is improving, but he is still under close observation and medical treatment.  Kuric’s family has been appreciative of the support and prayers and that’s why Birdgang Brand decided to do their part.

For a limited time, a special edition Birdgang Brand Clothing t-shirt will be designed in support of Kuric.  “We have been in communication with the Kuric family and they support our efforts,” says Danny L. Mosby, Part-Owner of Birdgang Brand.  “His family approved our design and we will now go into production so that fans can show support for Kyle during this trying time.” The Kuric family would like a portion of the proceeds to go to Kyle’s favorite charity, KIDS CANCER ALLIANCE, which supports children battling cancer ages 6-18.  Even during this tough time, Kuric’s family is still thinking of others by giving back; and Birdgang Brand, along with Cardinal fans all over, will be there to show they are in “Kyle’s Korner!”  Birdgang’s goal is to sell 5,000 shirts so that they can make a significant donation.

Taraneh Momeni Kuric, Kyle’s wife says “The turn of events for Kyle is quite ironic because it hits very close to home for him. Kyle has been very involved with the Kids Cancer Alliance for many years and his charity, Kyle’s Korner for Kids, has always reached out to these types of charities. On behalf of Kyle, our family is so grateful that Birdgang and friends will be supporting Kyle’s passion! Things like this goes to show that this is not just about basketball, but that in the end of the day, our state comes together to become one big family. God bless all of you.”

Mosby, who is also Birdgang Brands Chief Financial Officer, says “Kyle is one of our most beloved. He’s a man of strong faith and accomplishment, and he embodied everything a great student athlete should be, while he attended The University of Louisville. When we got wind that he was having emergency surgery, we felt it was our duty to reach out to his family, offer our prayers, and create a concept that our fans and University could get behind and show him how much we appreciated his sacrifices. They were receptive and gracious enough to allow us to do that. We are extremely appreciative of the opportunity to support Kyle, and to donate to his favorite charity. Even if a small gesture in the grand scheme of things, we want to show our appreciation to one of the good ones, and to his family in their time of need.”

Birdgang is asking fans to take a photo and send it to, so they can post on their social media pages.  The best photo will win two basketball tickets and two free Birdgang shirts of another design.  To pre-order the limited edition shirts and other apparel go to

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