The VIPP Report: A mother shares her experience in the child support system in her new book which will empower mothers and caregivers


Denise Bentley is a leader in Kentucky politics and community affairs but she’s a champion when it comes to parental support.   She’s fought for years personally and saw first-hand the obstacles, loopholes and flaws in the child support system. Now, Bentley is sharing her private struggle in her new book, “LADIES ITS IN THE MALE” How to finally get your child support.

She’s now making sure mothers and caregivers have the needed information to get financial support for their children.  A self-help guide to child support, and is your one stop shop for justice. Bentley says “If the system has failed you, and you are not getting justice, learn how to make the system work for you and your child!”

On Saturday, September 19th from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm, there will be a book signing along with a “For Women Only” discussion at Barasti located at 3rd & Oak.

The child support advocate says “Writing this book was a painful journey. I was motivated to complete it by the millions of women in the battle. Non-payment of child support is at epidemic levels, over $50 billion owed nationally and over $50 million owed right here in Louisville. We owe our children and they deserve better.”

Bentley has worked tirelessly for nearly 30 years fighting to repair what she deems as an “a broken system.” As she continues to serve as an advocate it’s becoming more important to equip women with the knowledge and to mentor not only in Louisville but across the country by navigating them through the inadequate child support system.

As a local elected official and top aide to the Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Bentley launched the first insert in 2005, in The Courier Journal Newspaper, outing thousands of deadbeat parents from the city. The first year the insert was published it netted the local Child Support Office over $1,000,000 dollars. That campaign’s success is evidenced by the fact that the Child Support Office has continued to publish the insert annually, and moreover, has collected over $13.4 million in past-due child support since its inception.

To learn more about “LADIES ITS IN THE MALE” How to finally get your child support go to

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