The VIPP Report: Mixed Nation introduces their “We Are One” Tour & Documentary


Communities across the country are on edge due to recent violence.  People are taking to the streets, social media, media outlets and legislators to have their voice be heard.  I found a group created by former University of Louisville basketball standout Luke Whitehead.  It’s called Mixed Nation.  Whitehead calls it a multicultural movement that celebrates diversity and promotes cultural harmony.

He was tired of hearing the constant negativity that is being promoted.  The mission of Mixed Nation is to empower, inspire and embrace people from all walks of life. Luke says for the past five years Mixed Nation has been making a positive impact online and reaches millions of people per week.

The last time, I looked at the Mixed Nation Twitter page had almost 82,000 followers.

The momentum of the just the social media alone is creating a Mixed Nation Movement.  In September, they will launch in Louisville, Kentucky the “We Are One” Tour and Documentary.

They will travel the nation promoting a positive, multicultural message while collecting beautifully blended stories to create an inspirational documentary. “It seems like everyday there’s another sad story of hate and ignorance,” says Whitehead. “It’s time to take a stand and show that love is greater than hate. Together we can make a difference…the world needs this!”

Mixed Nation launched a Kickstarter campaign to help make the “We Are One” Tour & Documentary a reality. The campaign ends August 30th and they need your support to make this happen! Please visit their Kickstarter Page at

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