Louisville chef will appear on the Food Network’s newest show “Super Chef Grudge Match

Chef Davonte Bolden will compete on the cable network on March 21st.

(Louisville, KY) Louisville Chef Davonte Bolden will compete for bragging rights on the Food Network’s Super Chef Grudge Match.  The St. Louis, MO native moved to Louisville to attend the prestigious culinary school at Sullivan University where he graduated in 2006. Making Louisville his home after graduation. 

Chef Bolden is scheduled to be on the show on Tuesday, March 21st at 9:00 pm (ET) and 8:00 pm (CT).  This will be the fifth episode of Darnell “Superchef” Ferguson.  The show’s synopsis describes this episode as the two clashing pairs of superstar chefs resolving feuds.  Rooting from Darnell’s home in Louisville.  Chef Bolden will go against his partner from Guys Grocery Games, Chef Randy Pasch blames Chef Bolden for their devastating sweet and savory loss. 

Chef Bolden says, “Viewers can expect a humble spontaneous chef whose passion about his craft and art. Someone who cares about the culinary culture and its people.”

Chef Bolden is ready for this grudge match and hopes this episode will be entertaining for viewers, but he plans to win and finally settle this dispute. 

Please note, that Chef Davonte Bolden is scheduled to appear on Super Chef Grudge Match on Tuesday, March 21st at 8:00pm (ET).  If they move the date for any reason, we will contact Louisville media outlets. 

We invite you to announce and/or post information about the show.  You can find additional information about the episode on Super Chef Grudge Match Superchef Grudge Match | Food Network.  If you would like an interview with Chef Davonte Bolden, please contact VIPP Communications at 502-341-7306 or by email at booking@vippcommunications.com.  Chef Bolden can not giveaway any details but talk about his experience.