MELANnaire Marketplace where local is the new Black

(Louisville, KY) The MELANnaire Marketplace will take place this Saturday, (November 6th) from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm at Manhattan on Broadway located at 716 E. Broadway. As you begin to shop for holiday gifts, why not shop local? Shoppers have an opportunity to walk around purchase items from books by local authors, clothing, candles, natural health products to hand crafted jewelry. We are excited to announce that we have brokered a deal to have gently used items for sale. Come out and support local entrepreneurs because “Local is the new Black”.

Nachand Trabue, founder of the MELANnaire Marketplace says “we are gearing up for the holidays and vendors are adding daily. Our Black businesses matter, and I get so excited each week to see new faces come out to support us. We also working with a company to be able to offer likely used home goods to clothing. Truly really put us in a category that gives us a chance to offer products and goods to anyone. I invite you to come out and see the marketplace and hear the stories of our local entrepreneurs and what they have to offer.”

If you are looking to do a profile on Trabue and/or any of the vendors, we invite you to come out and hear the stories.

WHO: MELANnaire Marketplace

WHAT: Shopping with Black-owned businesses

WHEN: Saturday, November 6th from 12:00pm-5:00pm

WHERE: Manhattan on Broadway, 716 E. Broadway

WHY: Creating a marketplace in downtown Louisville for residents & tourists to easily get too.

If you would like to be a vendor and/or be a sponsor, please contact MELANnaire Marketplace at Please announce and/or post on your community calendars. If you have any questions, please contact VIPP Communications at 502-341-7306.

“Where Black Businesses Matter”

Follow us on social media and take photos using the following hashtags so we can share your experience #MELANnairesLou, #BLACKbusinessesMatterLOU & #MELANnaireMarketplace.

Instagram: @melannairemarketplace

The VIPP Report: Still looking for a holiday gift try accessories

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