The VIPP Report: Entrepreneur & Television personality adds author to his title with the release of his new book



(Louisville, KY) Have you even seen the Louisville entrepreneur and owner of one of the most notable restaurants in Louisville do anything on a small scale?  Your answer is likely “no” because he does everything in a big way or should we say “supersized”?  Darnell “Super Chef” Ferguson releases his new book entitled “Knowing is half the fight…Cooking is the other”.  It’s the brainchild of Super Chef when he was in culinary school.  Fast-forward several years later with a successful business and frequent appearances on several national cooking shows this was the perfect time to finish the project.

Ferguson says “When you read my book, it will give you healthy cooking tips, smart serving sizes to assist with portion control and mental food tips.  When customers come into my restaurant they always stop me and ask general questions about food, preparation and dieting so I put many of the answers in the book.  Knowing is half the fight. I hope when you read it that you will have several “I didn’t know that moments.”

You can pick up an autographed copy of the book at Super Chefs located at 1702 Bardstown Road.  You can also purchase your books online at and/or

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