The VIPP Report: Birdgang Brand Steps Up Their Game With A New Line Of Merchandise

The VIPP Report: Birdgang Brand Steps Up Their Game With A New Line Of Merchandise.

The VIPP Report: Muhammad Ali and Lonnie Ali will appear at a rally in Louisville


By Sherlene Shanklin

I’ve have learned that Muhammad Ali and his wife Lonnie will attend a senate race rally in Louisville, KY later today.  The Ali’s will attend Alison Lundergen Grimes senate race rally at the Muhammad Ali Center.  Former President Bill Clinton will be the featured speaker.

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The VIPP Report: Birdgang Brand Steps Up Their Game With A New Line Of Merchandise



Immediate Release

October 29, 2014

2013, “The Year of the Cardinal” took the University of Louisville athletics to new heights. Fans witnessed a football team go 2-0 in bowl victories, a baseball team that advanced to the college World Series, a women’s basketball team reach the NCAA championship game, a men’s basketball team that won a NCAA Championship (2012-2013 season) and the emergence of a new clothing line that captured the swagger of a proud and enthusiastic fan base fittingly called “BIRDGANG”.

Birdgang Brand Clothing is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky and is a high fashion sports apparel company centered around the University of Louisville Athletics. Birdgang Brand Clothing is supported and approved by the University of Louisville, and is officially licensed by the Collegiate Licensing Company, (CLC).

The clothing line is founded by two members of the group Nappy Roots, Brian “Buffalo Stille” Scott and Ronald “Ron Clutch” Wilson. Stille is the founder and Wilson serves as the co-founder of the brand.

Consumers raved over the style and comfort of the university approved brand. Merchandise was flying off the shelves at retail outlets such as Hall of Fame Café, JD Becker, and Cardboard Heroes in Oxmoor and St. Matthews Malls respectively. From alumni to former players and students, to new found fans across the U.S. the demand for the Birdgang Brand Clothing was such that it caused the company to go back into production and design new merchandise for customers that have purchased every design available to them.

Fast forward one year later as BIRDGANG BRAND now announces the launch of its new website and the addition of their “fly custom fitted caps and SnapBacks” as well as an all new “lady birds” category for the ladies. “We wanted to extend more options to our female Cards fans than just men’s/unisex tees,” says Stille. “In addition, we just got tired of seeing these cheap knockoffs of our trademark, a statewide and federal registered trademark.”

“Our new Fall/Winter line is a fresh new look, which is sleek and stylish plus versatile for U of L fans to show their school spirit even in their workplace.”

With these guys it’s all about the fans. “We do it for the people!” adds Wilson. Being avid U of L fans themselves and even one partner, Danny ‘Moe Money’ Mosby having started on the ’96 Cardinal football squad, the BIRDGANG BRAND team is focused on bringing urban fashion to the sports apparel arena. Stille adds, “We just wanna rep our team and stay fly in the process!”

Former Greater Louisville Inc., (GLI) Executive Director Tendai Charisika says “Birdgang Clothing is on the brink of something special”. Tendai has been instrumental in connecting Birdgang with Louisville’s most sought after venture capitalists. “Birdgang has been able to establish valuable licensing agreements and strategic partnerships with the University of Louisville that has positioned them for incredible future success. The market for urban apparel is growing and Birdgang is capturing this market with the highest quality material, which is what their brand stands for.”

If you would like to be a part of the Birdgang Brand Team go to for investors, distributors and/or vendor information. To setup an interview and to see the new line of merchandise with the Birdgang Brand Clothing team, please call 502-582-7716 or by email at

Mosby says, “the Birdgang Brand Team would like to thank Cards fans for supporting out 100/24 Campaign.   We successfully sold 100 t-shirts in 24 hours on the same day the bowl eligible Cardinals received a top #25 ranking.  The gray old English L’s, are in just in time for the unveiling of the gray uniforms.  Follow us on social media to receive updates on how you can win some merchandise. We will do giveaways each week. Follow us on Facebook group @502Birdgang, Twitter and Instagram @wearebirdgang.”